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ArcEditor is a powerful GIS desktop system for editing and managing geographic data. It includes all the functionality of ArcView along with additional advanced editing tools to ensure the quality of your data. ArcEditor supports single-user and multiuser editing, allowing you to disconnect from the database and edit in the field.

With ArcEditor, you can:

  • Allow multiple users to simultaneously modify and edit the same data.
  • Build and maintain spatial relationships between features using topology rules and a process called validation.
  • Support multiple workflows, manage work order processing, and implement QA procedures for validating edits.
  • Monitor the database over time and evaluate what-if scenarios.
  • Perform raster-to-vector conversion and create data from scanned maps.

Key Features & Benefits

ArcEditor includes all the functionality of ArcView and adds a comprehensive set of tools to create, edit, and ensure the quality of your data within a multiuser editing environment.

The ArcGIS Desktop products share the same applications (ArcMap and ArcCatalog), user interface, and development environment. Depending on what features you need, you can choose from three license levels of ArcGIS Desktop accessing additional functionality as you move from ArcView to ArcEditor to ArcInfo.

The key features of ArcEditor are:

Multiuser editing and versioning
Allow multiple users to simultaneously modify the same data without interfering with each other, taking the data offline, or creating multiple copies of your data.

Monitor how the database has evolved over time, edit in the field with disconnected editing, and implement QA procedures for validating edits.

Rules-based topology
Preserve data integrity and maintain the high quality of your data by automatically locating and fixing errors according to rules and behaviors you set for your geodatabase.

Advanced editing and productivity tools
Use advanced editing tools, construction tools, and conflict detection and resolution tools to help automate the editing workflow.

Store historical snapshots of your data and different views of map layers that represent what-if scenarios without affecting the layers they are built on.

Speed up data maintenance and automation with CAD-like editing and productivity tools.

Add, edit and manage standard and feature-link annotations, as well as dimensions

Enabled for extensions
Add even more capabilities and extend the power of ArcEditor by using one or more of the many optional to perform extended tasks such as raster geoprocessing and three-dimensional analysis.


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